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Creating such a website is a huge, expensive and time consuming task. Peter Pesti (the owner of this site) is a well known collector since 2004 and creating worldcupballs.info was his idea in 2007 in order to express his passion, supplying relevant information and high quality photos of balls and introducing collecting for the public. Of course, such a site could not be made without the assistance of other collectors, especially because they provided their balls for the photographs. Many of them also sent photos of old advertisements and pictures of their collections as well making this site more colorful. This recent site is already the third version of worldcupballs.info and all costs (including the costs of programming the site and the costs of international travels to photograph balls) were covered by Peter Pesti alone.

The mission however has not finished yet. Moreover, it has just begun. There are many more destinations (museums, private collectors) where Peter intends to go to capture more balls for this site sharing the photos with the public for free. These travels however are very expensive. If you support this project, buy a ball or a book from us. Or just simply donate and contact us about the details. Peter will keep on traveling on his cost anyway, but with your financial support, things will happen faster and more effective.

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