Terms and Conditions

If you wish to register on this website as a collector:

You have to provide your real name, country and city because a few hours after your registration your profile will appear on the „world map of collectors” (after the approval of the administrator). The registration on this site is free of charge, the site was made to introduce the soccer ball collectors’ community for the entire web – please support the goal of the site by providing relevant and accurate information about yourself and your collection. Fraud registrations will be immediately deleted.

You are responsible for the uploaded data onto your profile. This includes your answers in your profile as well as the pictures and videos that you share on the site. Uploading images and any other data that do not belong to you or offering balls that you do not own might lead to the deletion of your profile. (If you suspect that a collector offers some balls for sale that he doesn’t own, please report it to the administrator: worldcupballs@worldcupballs.info)

You aggree that the site is not responsible for any uploaded data by the registered users, especially the balls offered for sale by the registered collectors. If you wish to buy any ball from a collector that you got to know on this site, it is highly recommended to do your transaction through ebay and pay with paypal to be covered. The site will namely have no information about the transactions made by the registered collectors, the site only provides a free platform for you to get to know each other and you do your business on your own.

The official language of the site is English. The answers on your profile and your forum comments that were not written in English might be deleted without prior notification.

The content that is uploaded by the registered users (profile answers, offered balls, pictures, videos, etc.) might be moderated or deleted to keep the site free of inappropriate contents and fraud attempts.

Please use the site for good purposes and support it with true and relevant information and help to prevent it from fraud and misleading users and bad behaviour. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the site with as much fun and enthusiasm as it was created with.

If you wish to use any photos published on this site:

For the usage of the photos provided on this site you need to ask permission by contacting us. The high quality ball images on the grass are copyrighted and every unauthorized usage of these photos will lead to legal action.

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