Do you think your readers would be interested in an article about the history of the FIFA World Cup balls?


If your answer is YES, we have good news:

The owner of this website (Peter Pesti) has photographed all original World Cup balls from 1930 till 2022 and offers his photos for your publications. You can find an overview of the history of the World Cup balls on this site, where you can also read a lot of information about every ball. So we can provide even the stories/descriptions for your article. As the World Cup in Qatar is approaching, this would be an interesting content from an authentic source for your readers.

In case you wish to publish digital subject, Peter can also assist you with photos and information, just read the article of the evolution of World Cup balls that was published by the New York Times in 2014:




Do you think your viewers would be interested in a comprehensive presentation of the world of ball collecting?


Peter Pesti has been on tv many times in Hungary and is ready to give you a Skype/Zoom interview. He also has short video clips of his apartment and balls to appear on the screen while talking but you can also illustrate the interview with photos that you find on this website, including pictures of collections.




Do you think there is a demand for a book of footballs in English or Spanish?


Peter Pesti has already contributed in a book of footballs (Fussbälle) as a photographer and also helped to write stories of the balls. This book was published in German and is already sold out. But Peter has over 500 photos of balls and is willing to travel to take new pictures as he has outstanding relationships with collectors, museums and sporting brands – he has access to nearly every ball of football history. He is the copyright owner of all the photos he has already taken and he he is ready to talk with publishers that agree that a football book in English or Spanish language with Peter’s photos should be put onto the market.

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