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We created this „Frequently asked questions” subpage about collectors. We tried to summarize a few things you have to know about collecting balls in 2022. Of course, we can’t think of everything. So if you have any questions that you would like us to answer in this section, do not hesitate to contact us.

How should I start to become a collector?

Quite simply, just buy the ball that you like the most and don’t play with it, but put it on your shelf. Choose a ball that you are emotionally attached to or that evokes pleasant memories of a match, tournament or player. And if you can afford it, you can buy more balls later. Don’t worry about the balls losing their value because the truth is that they will be worth more as time goes on. A ball is like an art object, it takes up little space but provides an aesthetic experience. Every collector basically loves sports, and he can show this love by having balls in his apartment or office. And most of the collections started with a single ball. Of course, there are also those who wish to have a complete World Cup collection right away – our website can help with this.

Where do collectors live?

Collectors mainly live where soccer is basically popular. So, most people collect balls in Europe and South America, but perhaps the most ball collectors of all countries live in Mexico. We have also created a world map of collectors where you can see the location of the collectors, here every registered user has his own profile, where he can introduce himself to the visitors of this site and upload pictures of his collection and balls.

How many collectors are there in the world?

Lots of people have balls all over the world, but in our opinion there are only a few thousand, maybe a few tens of thousands of real collectors who have more than 10 balls. Thanks to the Internet, the most respected collectors already know each other and have cut many deals with each other. Sometimes they even meet. The owner of this website, Peter Pesti, has already personally met more than a dozen collectors whom he either visited or who visited him in Hungary. Collecting balls is also a good hobby because you can make international connections and make friends from abroad.

How many balls do collectors have?

We often say that a collector is someone who has at least ten balls. But almost every true collector already has a complete World Cup ball collection, which currently consists of 22 balls, and this is just the beginning. A serious collector has 50-100 balls, and a more wealthy one often has 300 or more balls. After a while, the problem is not the money, but the place where the balls can be displayed.

If I invest in balls will they loose or increase their value in the future?

Fortunately, balls are a good investment as their value increases over the years. When a match ball is released, it usually costs between $100 and $130. Once the event for which the ball was produced ends, merchants will discount the balls so that they can be purchased sometimes even at half price. This is when you should go shopping! After a few years, the price of the balls will rise above the original price, and 10 years later it may even double. The 2010 World Cup ball (Adidas Jabulani) is now very hard to get for under $500, and an original Adidas Azteca 1986 is worth at least $3,000 if it is in good condition. And the 1970 Adidas Telstar is even more expensive on the market. But it’s also a fact that the prices of balls that people don’t collect don’t go up that much.

Which balls do collectors have in their collections?

The most popular balls are the balls of the World Cup. This is the biggest series and it shows the most changes in the evolution of balls. Almost every collector started his collection with the World Cup balls. But collecting UEFA Champions League balls, European Championship balls, and original, antique balls is also popular. Basically, any ball that was the official match ball of a tournament or a national league can be collected.

Become a Collector

There are many advantages of becoming a collector and joining our growing, world wide community. You will not only impress your friends or business partners, but you will shortly find many international friends sharing the same passion as you.

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Why to register?

Our site offers many benefits for registered collectors, including the easy access to other members as well as the built in buying and selling engine (this feature is still under construction, though). The good news is that the registration is free and there are no hidden costs or fees after your sales, either.

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