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Peter, Pesti

Budapest, Hungary


Here You can read my answers to interview questions.

Since when are you a collector?

I started collecting balls since I was a very little child. Everytime my father went abroad to a business trip, he always had to take a ball to me. In the beginning I always played with these balls until I turned 18 and went to the USA. There I bought the Mitre Ultimax MLS matchball, which I still keep. This was the first matchball in my collection. However, I played with it. The second matchball I bought was in 2004 when I earned enough money to afford it. It was the Champions League matchball, the dark blue one. That year I bought two Tricolores, a Roteiro and I registered on ebay where I could buy everything I wanted and could afford...

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Why did you start collecting balls?

The reason I started collecting balls was that I was attached to soccer very much. I wanted to be a sports broadcaster as well. Later I gave up this dream but my love for soccer remained. When I bought the different balls, I always admired the different designs and made a display in my student hostel.

How many balls do you have in your collection?

At the moment I have about 100 balls, but they are not all different. I help other people to develop their collections, too so I have balls for sale.

Which balls do you have in your collection?

So far I had almost all the World Cup, Euro Cup, Champions League and Olympic balls. I do not have a permanent collection, but there are a few balls I would never sell. For example the the 1990 ball signed by the World Cup Champion German team who are my favourite since 1988 Euro Cup in Germany. That was the first tournament I remember.

What is your favourite ball in your collection and why?

There are 3 very special balls to me. The first is the Mitre Ultimax, the first matchball I ever bought. I remember how I bought it: I was in the USA, in Dayton, Ohio and I found a soccer shop and met the owner. we got along very well together and he offered the ball to me for half price which I could not reject! 🙂 The second favourite is a Tango Napoli ball with all the authentic signatures of the German national team from 1990. This was the year when watched the World Cup for the first time at the age of 9 and I started to like the German team which is my favourite ever since. The third favourite is the Tricolore. The reason is simple: I think it has the best design among all balls. Just take a close look at it! Perfect ball!

Where do you keep your balls? Do you have a display?

I know it is a shame but I keep the majority of my balls in the basement because there is not enough room for them in my apartment. However I have a nice display in our living room with all the 20 World Cup balls.

What balls are you missing in your collection that you would like to buy?

I am missing all the balls that are not shown at this website yet. I would gladly buy them and would send back to their owners after I took an official "" shot! 🙂

What balls do you offer for sale from your collection?

I do not offer any balls for sale that I have in my collection but I can help anybody to find balls that he needs through my connections.

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Is there anything else you would like to share with us about yourself (other interests, hobbies, etc.)?

It was me to develop this website, and I did it for you, collectors. My dream is to share my passion with everybody introducing the best matchballs on the web in a special atmosphere. I also wanted to create a site where all the collectors can be displayed on a world map so that we all see how many other fans are there in the world. In addition I also wanted to give you all the opportunity to share info about yourselves and your desired balls if you fill out this sheet with your answers and I did it for free, trying to help you to find what you need. In 2006 the Hungarian National TV visited me and made a report about me and my hobby and it was on TV. Four years later the Hungarian National Sport Magazine made a 4 page long article about the evolution of the World Cup balls and they illustrated the report with pictures that they took in my home and used me as a provider of the info. In 2012 I also appeared in the National Sport Newspaper and I was talking about the Euro Cup balls

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