Why to register as a collector?

This site is designed for everybody that is interested in collecting soccer balls but there are many features that are available only for the registered users, so here are some reasons why you should register if you are already a collector:


Introduce yourself

As a registered user you can introduce yourself for other collectors and even the entire web by answering the initial and most important questions about your collection and you can upload pictures of your balls and the display of your collection. With this activity you can give ideas for other people how to display their balls and everybody will get to know you better which is useful especially if you want to do business with other collectors.


Represent your country

You can represent your country and city in the soccer ball collectors’ community because your city will be marked on the „world map of collectors” after your registration and your profile will be visible for everyone. (Please note: this feature is still under construction.) Remember, this is the only website in the world where the registration and the introduction of collectors is possible, so this site is a world wide meeting point of collectors and helps other people (who are not collectors yet) to start their own collections. With your activity and registration you contribute to the introduction of this lovely hobby for the entire web. Moreover you can get to know people who have the same interest as you, and you can build international relationships and friendships with other collectors from different parts of the world.


Easy access to collectors

If you log in, you can see the contact details of all the registered soccerball collectors and you can contact anybody. This feature is only available for registered users to avoid spam or unwanted emails, so your email address will be visible only for the registered users. If anybody else from the web wants to contact you, we will always ask your permission to provide your email access, so for your protection nobody will have direct access to your email address.


Sell your balls

One of the most important feature of this site is to allow registered collectors to offer any of their balls for sale, which will be visible for the entire web (not only for the registered users) and this service is absolutely FREE and has no time limit. Please note that this site will have no information about the business that you do with other collectors and the site is not responsible for your transactions. This buying-selling feature is built into the site to serve your needs. The site recommends you to do all of your transactions through ebay and pay with paypal. If you have finished selling any of your balls, please remove it from sale in your profile so that you do not receive emails from collectors asking for that ball any more.


Find the balls you need

As a registered user you can also inform other collectors and the entire web which balls you are missing from your collection that you would like to buy. During the development of this site we received many requests for this feature so now it is also built into the site. As a registered user, you can directly contact any collector and do the business between on your own. But again, the site recommends you to do the transactions through ebay and pay with paypal, especially if you do not know the seller. The site will not know about your transactions, it only provides you a platform to meet collectors and is not responsible for them.


Share your passion

As a registered user your profile will have its own link on the internet and you can share this link with anyone to whom you would like to show and introduce your hobby.


It is time to join us!

And last but not least: this site was made for you and designed for your needs, so with your registration you give sense of many years of development, research and hard work. Use it with as much joy and enthusiasm as it was created with. The site will only reach its goal if all collectors in the world register and introduce themselves here to make this site complete and a great introductory site of our favourite hobby, the collection of soccer balls.



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