Webshop Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. We ship your items in 24 hours after your payment is cleared. In case we are unable to ship your items or need more time to dispatch, we will notify you within 24 hours after your payment.

2. If you buy a single ball or a book, we ship your item as registered priority air mail using regular postal service. If you live in the European Union, we might use DPD as a courier without prior notification. In case you buy more than one ball or more than one book at once, we will use EMS postal service (if you live outside of the European Union) or DPD (if you live inside of the European Union). Once we know the number of the shipment, we will provide you in an email. Please note that the shipments are not necessarily trackable in your home country.

3. In case of a lost package, we will either refund your money or send you the same order again. We will contact you to have your decision. However, we need written statement from the courier about the loss of the shipment to offer you this action.

4. We are not responsible for delayed or damaged shipments, caused by the couriers.

5. We offer you 14 days of money back guarantee – no questions asked. The 14 days start from the arrival of our products to your door. We refund your money once the products arrive back to us in harmless condition. Before you send any product back to us, you need to notify us about your intention in advance. The shipping cost back to us has to be covered by you (as for the EU law regulations.)

Final word: Apart from all these terms and conditions, keep in mind that we sell soccer balls and trade with collectors since 2004 and so far we have never had any unsatisfied customers. Should we have any problems, we will work on the solution which is acceptable for both of us. You can shop at us with confidence!

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