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United States

Interview with the Collector

Since when are you a collector?

Since 2006

Why did you start collecting balls?

I went to the World Cup in Germany and one day i went to the adidas store in Berlin and I saw the collection at the store. They of course did not want to sell me the collection so I proceeded to make my own.

How many balls do you have in your collection?

25 balls in my display, but I have in total 61 balls in keep couting

Which balls do you have in your collection?

From 1930 to 2014.

What is your favourite ball in your collection and why?

Telstar 1970,I like the colors and was made it with real leather, but the most important was signed by Englad Team in 1970.

Where do you keep your balls? Do you have a display?

In the living room. On shelves to be displayed.

What balls are you missing in your collection that you would like to buy?

I have all of them, but I'm looking for a Tango Durlast 78.

What balls do you offer for sale from your collection?


Is there anything else you would like to share with us about yourself (other interests, hobbies, etc.)?

Congratullations for this web site. Thank You

Collectors FAQ

We will run a „Frequently asked questions” subpage about collectors, too. We will summarize everything you have to know about collecting balls in 2017. Of course, we can not think about everything. So if you have any questions that you would like us to answer in this section, do not hesitate to contact us.


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