FIFA World Cup 1962 Chile Crack


The Crack ball had an innovative design. It was composed of 18 irregular polygonal panels, having three different shapes: hexagonal, rectangular and hexagonal curved, all joined together by manual sewing, as if it were a kind of big puzzle. It must be admitted, that the Crack model is still the ball most difficult to describe with words, because of the complexity of its panels. With the new latex valve the air was retained longer, and the ball maintained a good spherical shape. From an aesthetic viewpoint, this ball was a very elegant ball, suitable for the most important football competition. A defect however is worth mentioning. The quality of the coloured coating was poor and did not last for very long. Another important thing to mention is that the European teams did not like this ball, therefore 100 pieces of the 1958 Top Star were delivered to Chile in case the Crack model would fail in any match.

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Event when such ball was used: 1962 FIFA World Cup in Chile

Size: 5

Color: yellow

Material: high quality cow leather

Condition: brand new

Panel structure: 18 panels

Text on the ball: there were 6 printed panels on the ball, including the name, the year and producer of the ball (between 1954 and 1966 the Crack ball was the only imprinted World Cup ball)

Type of the ball: this ball comes from the pre-adidas historical match ball set, it is the exact reproduction of the original Crack balls as used at the 1962 World Cup in Chile

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