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If it is the first time you visit this site, you might be surprized to see that there are many people all over the world who collect soccer balls. If you keep reading and exploring the sub-pages of the site, you will find out more and more of this growing and fantastic hobby through the images and the introduction of the registered collectors of the site. But have you ever considered starting your own collection? If not yet, just keep reading and maybe one day we will welcome you in our friendly community.


Do you like soccer?

Well, you are not alone… Soccer has namely become by far the most popular sport in the world the past few decades. Hundreds of millions of people follow the major competitions on TV, they fill huge stadiums and the biggest fans even travel abroad to follow their teams to participate in any crucial game to receive a life time memory that they deserve for their support. They do not mind spending money for tickets, accommodation and transportation. They are true fanatics who keep this sport alive, without their positive approach soccer industry would no longer exist and we would all lose great moments, joy and never-ending excitement.

If you found this website, it means that you are also addicted to this beautiful sport. But even if you watch games only at home, you definitely must have played soccer with your friends when you were young and kicked many balls to death. Maybe you destroyed some balls that would be worth thousands of dollars by now if you had kept them unused. But it is not your fault, nobody knew at that time how valuable balls will be in the future. Well, nobody was born as a soccer ball collector but the love of this sport has made many of us to become one. Every collector has his own story why he started to collect balls but in every case the first step was the love of this sport, itself.


Collect something special

Collecting things that we like is part of our human nature. There are millions of people all over the world who collect stamps, wines, jewels, cards, autographs and lots of other various things of their hobbies. We all like to own things that mean a lot for us. So why would soccer balls be different? We keep our eyes on balls for 90 minutes with great excitement on TV every time we see an important match. And the ball is the most important equipment of our favorite sport. Every ball has its own story. Every ball brings back great memories, joy, victory, passion, success or disaster. They are much more than a simple tool. They all have their own character, they all have their own soul. And we collectors know it.

Even though the number of soccer ball collectors keeps growing, a nice soccer ball display is not what you can find in every corner. So if you decide to start your own collection, you will probably be unique among your friends and business partners which is a good way to express yourself and show them something very special.


Start with your favorite ball

Starting your collection doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on balls. Almost everyone has started with only one ball first. Some of our collector friends received their first balls as a present. Some of them participated in a World Cup or a Champions League match and bought the recent match ball to put on their selves to bring back nice memories whenever they look at the ball. So as a start, just pick the ball that means the most for you. Put it in your living room, bedroom or office. Keep it unused and clean. And as time goes by you will see it becomes part of your life, it will not only serve you as a beautiful decoration like a nice painting but will also recall great emotions if you think of the fact what that specific sport event meant for you while you watched the ball in action (nearly every competition has its own ball by now). For many of us collectors balls are like listening to our favourite songs or looking at a nice photo that brings back great memories. Balls are not simple objects, they tell stories and are part of sport history.


Decorate your home or office

If you take a look at the displays of our collector friends, you will easily realize how beautiful and various soccer ball collections can be. Balls have a perfect size, they are not too small but not too big either, they are the masters of interior decoration. Many of our friends have built special displays and showcases for their balls and their collections became the spotlights of their homes or offices. Do not think that you have to have hundreds of balls to improve the design of your living space, if you put only a few balls on a nice self, it is already a great start. Many collectors, including Peter Pesti (the founder of display only the World Cup balls in their living rooms because they do not have more space for other balls. The World Cup ball collection is easy to complete with 21 balls (1930-2018) and definitely changes the atmosphere of every homes.


Impress your friends or business partners

If you decorate your home or office with a nice display, every time you have visitors you will see how much they will admire your collection. Balls are impossible not to be seen, especially if you have many of them together. If you have an office where you negotiate with your business partners, you can get closer to any businessmen while you start talking about your collection and answer their questions. Introducing your hobby for them is a good start to express something from your personality and breaks the initial silence immediately. Balls are like jewels and your image will definitely grow in the eyes of your business partners. Almost everyone likes soccer and having your own collection of balls will help you to reach your business goals and will lead to good deals. This is not a question, this is a fact. And this is the reason why many collectors display their balls in their offices, not only in their homes. But even if you display your balls at home, you will earn the same satisfaction and appreciation from your friends or your family.


Have international friends

If you start collecting balls sooner or later you will see that you have international friends who have the same hobby as you (you can see their profiles on the world map of collectors, you will see they live everywhere in the world, you can get to know their stories how they became collectors, what balls they have, how they display their balls and you can contact them directly through this website). As for Peter Pesti, he bought his first official matchball in 1999 and ever since he is a collector he got to know hundreds of other collectors all over the world and I has even met many of them personally. We live in different parts of the world but we have the same passion that brings us together and this is a very good feeling to be a member of such a friendly community.


Represent your country

One of the most important missions of this website is to help collectors get to know each other and show the entire world how many people collect soccer balls lately. If you decide to start your collection, please register on this website and you will represent your country in our community – your city will namely be marked on the „world map of collectors”. (This feature of this site is still in construction, though.) During your registration you will be asked to answer a few important questions of your balls and collection and your answers will be visible for the entire web, not only for the registered users.


Express yourself

Collecting soccerballs is a good way to express ourselves and show other people a bit more of our personality. A soccer ball collector can not be a bad guy. But on the other hand it proves great sporting attitude and the respect of our favorite sport. There are many people who collect and wear soccer shirts to show their support for their team and collecting balls originates from the same emotional background. The advantage of balls compared to soccer shirts is that they are much smaller and do not require as much space and are better display objects.


Own a piece of history

Soccer balls have always played a crucial role in the outcome of every important match. They are the results of many years long research and technical improvements. If you take a look at the evolution of the World Cup balls you will shortly see how much this important object has changed during the past cerntury. And no matter what balls you have in your collection, they reflect the recent technology and level of soccer development. In other words they are part of soccer history and immortal.


Invest into soccer balls

Talking about immortality, if you keep your balls unused, they will never loose their values. Moreover as time goes by they will become even more valuable. So if you invest into soccerballs today, you are likely to make profit if you decide to sell some of your balls later. Just one example: the first adidas Finale gray star UEFA Champions League match ball was available for about 120 USD when it was launched in 2001 and now there are many collectors who would gladly pay over 1000 USD for it. And we did not even talk about old World Cup balls which frequently sell for over 2000 or even 5000 USD.

So if you hesitate to start your collection because of financial issues, never forget the fact that no matter how much money you spend on soccerballs, their costs can be returned easily for you if you ever decide to sell some of them. But in the mean time while they are in your possession, they give you joy and aesthetic satisfaction.


Use this site to know more about collecting

If you follow the activity of this site you will not miss anything that is related to this hobby. We will do our best to keep the site updated with the latest balls, news and will let everyone register as a collector so that this site can be the „meeting point” of all the collectors of the world, there is no such site like this. If you register here as a collector, you will have the possibility to trade with other collectors and since your profile will be visible on the entire web, you can share your passion with everyone, especially if you or your friends share your profile on Facebook. Your possibilities to have new friends and to have a new hobby is now in your hands.


Are you ready?

Well, if you wish to start your collection, just go to a local soccer shop and pick the ball you like the most. If you rather wish to obtain something more special or rare, just explore what balls the registered collectors of this site offer for sale or visit the official ebay store of this website where (among many other balls) you can find all the 21 World Cup balls for sale – probably the best way to start a collection, since a complete World Cup ball collection that leads you through the evolution of soccer ball history is something unique that a true collector just can’t miss.



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