Stefan Schneider (Krefeld, Germany)
Answers of the collector
1. Since when are you a collector?
since 2004
2. Why did you start collecting balls?
no special reason...just thought it would be cool.
3. How many balls do you have in your collection?
4. Which balls do you have in your collection?
all adidas from 1970 till 2014
5. What is your favourite ball in your collection and why?
6. Where do you keep your balls? Do you have a display?
on shelves, in my hobby room
7. What balls are you missing in your collection that you would like to buy?
8. What balls do you offer for sale from your collection?
need to check...
9. What are your contact details where other collectors can contact you?
You have to sign in to see the contact details of the registered collectors. In case you are not a registered collector on this site but you would like to contact a registered user, please write to the administrator first:
10. Is there anything else you would like to share with us about yourself (other interests, hobbies, etc.)?
other than soccer, my biggest passion is motorsports, and photography - and I usually combine those, shooting pictures at several races every year (Formula 1, but also others like WEC, DTM).
The collector offers the following ball(s) for sale:
Adidas Finale 2006/2007 UEFA Champions League match ball
adidas Brazuca 2014 Brazil (match ball)


Adidas officially presented the Brazuca on the 4th December, 2014. The ball was revealed with a spectacular 3D light projection launch event held at the iconic Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazuca was named back in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil involving 1 million...

adidas Tango River Plate 1978 Argentina (historical match ball set)


The 1978 World Cup came back to America, being hosted by Argentina. In respect of the official ball, this edition represented a great milestone, because Adidas launched a model with a revolutionary design: the Tango - inspired by the classic dance of Argentina. This ball was...

adidas Azteca 1986 Mexico (historical match ball set)


The official match ball of the 1986 FIFA World Cup was called adidas Azteca México. Just like in case of the previous World Cup ball (the Tango Espana), adidas went on using an appellation related to the host country. The Aztec’s were one of the...


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